‘They will lock us up or just kill us’: Muslims fearful in West Bengal

With the cyclone ‘Bulbul’ over the Bay of Bengal set to intensify into a very severe cyclonic storm, triggering heavy rain in parts of Odisha and West Bengal, the two states are bracing for the situation. The Met department said that the cyclone, situated kilometres south of Kolkata in the afternoon, is likely to intensify into a severe cyclonic storm by Thursday night and into a very severe cyclonic storm by Friday. Choose your reason below and click on the Report button. This will alert our moderators to take action. Politics and Nation. Defence National International Industry. Company Corporate Trends.

Two Day Conference on “Bengali Muslims at the Crossroads: Possibilities and Challenges”

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A Trust under W. Two Day Conference on. Organized by. Date: November Saturday-Sunday. Concept Note:. Muslims constitute the single largest religious minority comprising Geographically, the Muslim population is thickly concentrated in rural Bengal and sociologically an overwhelming majority of them are Bengali speaking marginalised non-Ashraf Muslims, mostly engaged in agricultural activities.

In the post-reforms era s onwards due to agrarian distress a sizeable section of rural Muslims in West Bengal have been migrating to other Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Surat, Bangalore, Calicut and so on to work in various unorganized sectors as construction workers, goldsmiths, embroidery workers, garments workers, domestic helpers etc.

The post-Left Bengal is also not an exception; though some policy initiatives are being taken for the development of the minorities,the Bengali Muslims continue to face various political and socio-economic challenges.

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However, after sitting inside his vehicle for approximately 45 minutes, Dhankhar stepped out of his vehicle and went into the office of the Vice Chancellor without talking to the students. The students had called for a boycott of the convocation at the university if Dhankhar attended it. The convocation however, has been scheduled as usual on December Several student bodies had called for boycotting the convocation — scheduled on December 24 — if it is attended Dhankhar.

Here’re a few reasons why the Bengali Valentine’s Day will always trump February 14 out with friends on Valentine’s Day and see the look on your parents’ faces! with your special someone is unparalleled to any date on Valentine’s Day.

Thank you for printing this page from the City of Raleigh’s Official Website www. The declaration will take effect Friday, June 19 at 4 p. WHEREAS , on June 16, , the City Council of the City of Raleigh, authorized the Mayor to impose restrictions on the activity and actions of persons who do not wear face coverings when the use of such face coverings may protect lives and public health; and. Section 1. Wearing of Face Coverings. All persons who are present within the jurisdiction of the City of Raleigh are required to wear a clean face covering any time they are, or will be, in contact with other people who are not household members in public or private spaces where it is not possible to maintain social distance or where recommended social distancing practices are not being followed.

These spaces include grocery stores, pharmacies, business locations, parking lots, sidewalks, and public transit.

Mamata Banerjee reshuffles TMC ahead of Bengal polls, appoints new party members as district chiefs

The friend had limited knowledge about Bengalis but belonging to that community made me detect the tone of the video which was exaggerating the stereotypes around us, especially by throwing into the mix, the only kind of Bengali woman who has walked upon this earth — the big eyes, the dusky skin tone, and those glasses to add some intellectual prowess. To me, the video was part of a narrative, not a one-off incident. My friends in Delhi and elsewhere who are not Bengalis have often reached conclusions about me based on a few stereotypes about Bengali women which by now irritate me to no end.

The issue is not that my eyes are different from the stereotype.

Bengali’s are the 5th largest ethnic group in the world with population of million (27 crore) What’s it like to date a Bengali woman? Last but not the least, Bengali Girls are dominant faces in the beauty industry, they just rule the industry.

Did you know that the modern Bengali calendar was introduced by Mughal emperor Akbar in the later half of the 16th Century? According to this Scroll article , more than two decades into his year rule, Emperor Akbar, the third in the Mughal lineage, started focusing on things like religion, philosophy and the arts. The emperor had an interest to have a look into the calendars of various faiths since he took interest in various religions and this led to him inventing, as Amartya Sen has said in his book The Argumentative Indian , a combined calendar which was an extension of his intent to start a combined religion named the Din-e-Ilahi.

According to many historians, Emperor Akbar showed interest in the new calendar because of practical reasons. As per the Historical Dictionary of the Bengalis, the Mughals were facing problem in collecting land revenue. They had followed the Islamic Hijri calendar and since it is lunar and did not coincide with the seasons, there was bound to be confusion, said the article. The emperor then decided to go for a new calendar which merged the Islamic calendar, the historical Bengali calendar based on Surya Sidhant , a Sanskrit astronomy text, and the emperor’s own date of coronation, the Scroll article said.

The new calendar was a bit difficult to begin with. From the first year which was the date of the Hijra Prophet Mohammed’s emigration from the Mecca to Medina to AD when Akbar’s coronation took place, the calendar went on as a lunar one. Till the year the year of Akbar’s coronation as per the Islamic calendar , both Akbar’s new calendar and the Islamic calendar went together and things changed only after that.

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While protests against CAA in the rest of India are against the politics of religious nationalism, in Assam the resistance is more to do with ethno-linguistic identity The North-East is a vastly diverse region, with hundreds of different communities inhabiting its seven states, but the long politics of ethnic insider and outsider is a common thread that runs through them all. Hundreds of thousands more who may not have hit the streets have been expressing their objections through Facebook and Twitter.

His name is Arnab Goswami, and he is a television news anchor.

The Cricket Association Of Bengal. Post Date: 11/01/ Bengal face Vidarbha challenge Post Date: 10/01/ Axis Bank to sponsor U13 Bengal team Post.

Rabindranath Tagore, who was born Robindronath Thakur, was a poet, writer, music composer and painter, who hailed from West Bengal in India. He was very well known for his work on Bengali literature and music, and in , he became the first non-European to win the Nobel Prize in Literature. Today, August 7, we mark the death anniversary of the Bard of Bengal who passed away on this day in His poems, short stories and novels are an inspiration to many, and some of his quotes and sayings, like the ones below, are remembered even today.

Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky. Let me not pray to be sheltered from dangers, but to be fearless in facing them.

Remembering Rabindranath Tagore on His Death Anniversary: 10 Quotes by The Bard of Bengal

Help us continue to fight human rights abuses. Please give now to support our work. Scores of clothing brands and retailers have canceled orders without assuming financial responsibility even when workers had finished making their products. Human Rights Watch interviewed 11 manufacturers and industry experts, including brand representatives, about the impact of the COVID crisis on factories in Bangladesh, Myanmar, Cambodia, and other Asian countries; reviewed email communications from brand representatives to their global suppliers; and interviewed worker rights groups.

Many have closed their retail stores to check the spread of the virus. In March , manufacturers from various countries told Human Rights Watch that very few brands assume any of the business risks when placing orders.

The property Bengali St, Danville, CA is currently not for sale on Zillow. View details, sales history and Zestimate data for this property on Zillow.

Bengali is an important community language in the UK. Unfortunately, as the census did not question languages spoken there is no reliable data to confirm exactly how many Bengali speakers currently live in the UK. However, the census was translated into 24 different languages, including Bengali. In , the Central Office of Information was commissioned by the Department for Work and Pensions DWP to undertake a review of the ethnic minority languages used by the department.

The review aimed to assess the communication needs of each community and recommend the languages into which the DWP information should be translated. Ten key languages were recommended, including Bengali. Even without precise data on the number of Bengali speakers it is clear from the above that there is a substantial Bengali community in the UK; translating public service data into Bengali is important to help native speakers integrate into our society.

The Translation People is regularly approached by housing associations and public sector bodies, who request both Bengali translation and Bengali interpreters. According to Economy Watch, economics experts and various studies conducted across the globe India, alongside China, will rule the commercial world in the 21st Century. India, which is now the fourth largest economy in terms of purchasing power, is set to overtake Japan and become the third major economic power within 10 years.

A considerable percentage of the population in India communicate in Bengali on a daily basis. If the predictions of Economy Watch prove to be accurate, it will become increasingly important to translate your documents into Bengali and other Indian languages. Our English to Bengali translations are produced by our translation experts in a wide range of fields, including technical, legal, pharmaceutical, and financial.

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Foreign language learning occurs in the formal situation of a classroom, and the learner has hardly any access to the target language beyond the classroom door Brown That is, the items taught and learned are linguistically related to and considered at different levels— phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics. This phenomenon is also found in the learning of English as a foreign language EFL by the Bengali speaking learner.

Both as a learner and a teacher-researcher of EFL, I have had first-hand experience and the opportunity to observe that the Bengali speaking learner confronts difficulty in learning English pronunciation including sounds, stress and intonation related to the phonetic and phonological level. Such problems obviously seriously retard the learning of EFL by the Bengali speaking learner. Therefore, it seems reasonable to take account of and identify what linguistic problems the Bengali speaking EFL learner encounters and why.

From the first year which was the date of the Hijra (Prophet Mohammed’s emigration from the Mecca to Medina) to AD when Akbar’s.

I t was 81 days ago that Kamal Hussain Mondal, a year-old brick factory worker from a remote village in West Bengal, took his own life. He had been a carefree man and attentive father to his two young sons, and was known throughout Soladana village for his devotion to his wife Khayrun Nahar Bibi. He would feed her with his hands at mealtimes and on Sundays he would take her out on the back of his bicycle, telling others he loved simply riding through the fields together and chatting.

He told me: all Muslims are going to be driven from India now. They will lock us up or just kill us. Just wait and see. In mid-September, news that the government planned to carry out a National Register of Citizens NRC across India, to be implemented first in West Bengal, began to spread in this tiny village.

5 Bengali Feel-Good Films for Your Dose of Sweetness This Lockdown

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In the past week, I sought out Bengali movies that were a sure shot way to It was so good to watch those familiar faces in familiar settings.

As we cope with the new normal of post-Covid life, the lockdown has also been a time for nostalgia and looking back at memories for many. After four weeks of watching feel-good films in regional languages which usually do not feature on my watchlist, I decided it was time to go back to some of my favourite Bengali movies. In the past week, I sought out Bengali movies that were a sure shot way to happiness for me.

I also caught up on movies I have missed in the last few years. It was so good to watch those familiar faces in familiar settings, sometimes in familiar circumstances, as well. They also talk of the food, art and culture that Bengal is so well known for.

Shapludu (Bengali w/English Subtitles)

Triggering a staff shortage at private hospitals in West Bengal where the Covid pandemic is spiking, nurses from other states are leaving for home, citing risk of getting infected. Of the 68 hospitals dedicated to treatment of Covid patients in West Bengal, 52 are private institutions. Two doctors, including a senior state health department official, have died of the disease in the state so far, while more than doctors, nurses and hospital staff have been infected.

When it comes to interracial dating, the people who’ve been there will tell you there can definitely be struggles. In a recent Ask Reddit thread.

They started asking me why did I write the controversial poem several months ago? The organisers prevented them that it was not the right platform to ask questions. Later, the agitators left the banquet hall but protested outside the hotel. They resorted to vandalism and broke the glass panes of the hotel while holding Srijato and other guests as hostages for over three hours. Senior police officials rushed to the hotel where we were being held up.

They escorted us safely and I reached the Circuit House.

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